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Sunday February 25, 2018

During the right time of year, trolling for saltwater fish off Florida's coastline can be an enjoyable and productive technique for species like Dorado, sailfish, barracuda and loads of other game fish. Trolling has it's appeal in the ease of putting a spread of lures or an assortment of fresh baits both live or dead behind the boat, sitting back and waiting for the action to begin.

Most knowledgeable anglers know that trolling is only as effective as the location, season and presentation for the species they're trying to pursue. Off Port Canaveral in the spring and early summer, Dorado or mahi-mahi are relatively abundant in the cobalt blue waters adjacent to the gulf stream almost 30 miles offshore. But winters can be challenging and the dead summer doldrums are often not as productive for these highly migratory fish. You might consider chasing other species during those seasons or simply trying different methods or techniques.

Remember that presentation is key to success when trolling. A well rigged ballyhoo or strip bait will run true and fool the fish, while a poorly deployed one will rarely get the strike. Keep in mind that you need to test your trolled bait before you deploy to make sure it looks realistic. Fresh well brined baits will last longer, look better and smell attractive to game-fish too.

Considering a fishing trip when you visit Florida? Look us up at Lagooner Fishing Guides and we'll get you hooked up for a day of spectacular fishing in the Atlantic Ocean.

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February - 2018 Fishing Forecast

There's not a better way to spend a Valentines day with your sweetie than out in the boat catching the winter sun and a few nice fish. If the weather this February stays nice, look for some fun and rewarding fishing into the central Florida spring break period. Fish get hungry as spring approaches and the cold winter grip releases. I KNOW... I KNOW... IT's Florida! How can Florida get cold? Well, it can often drop into the 40° mark over night and be in the 70's during the day, so plan a late morning trip on the lagoon and you should be safe in Februay and into March.

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Gave a fishing trip to my husband for his birthday after recommendation from my cousin Kristin Kessel Asinger. He is still talking about it as the best fishing trip ever! Don't hesitate to book a fishing trip with Captain Richard!
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