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Sunday February 25, 2018

Travelers often ask me "Why a fishing trip when I come to Florida?" Besides our beautiful beaches, ocean wildlife and sunshine, Florida has some awesome enjoyment and relief from the theme parks and tourist attractions that it's known for. When we are children, we look forward to our parents taking us on a summer vacation to some unknown pleasures where imaginary characters take life in an artificial environment that leaves much to the imagination. As we grow older, the curiosity and imagery of stuffed animals coming to life starts to give way to reality and that's when we often look toward the outdoors to fulfill our next ambitions. Life in the sea where sea turtles lounge on the surface and manatees play in the lagoons is where all these stories started anyways. Who would have thought that the original voyagers of Columbus would have mistaken a manatee or dugong as a mermaid, or whales conjuring up thoughts of sea monsters? Taking a fishing trip to Florida gives you the opportunity to imagine for yourself how you want to interpret your day while relaxing on the sub-tropical waterways where Ponce DeLeon and Pirates once explored.

As the years go by, one things for sure... our outdoors are shrinking and giving way to concrete malls and parking lots at an extraordinary rate. The popularity of nature tours, kayaking, hunting and fishing is growing each year as the habitat rapidly gives way to development. Fishing is one of the best ways to experience the outdoors and enjoy some companionship along the way with a friend or fishing guide.

What's Fishing About...?

One of the false pretenses of going charter fishing is that you need to know how. A good charter fishing captain will be astute enough to recognize your skill level, if any and attempt to meet or exceed your expectations. Fishing is supposed to be enjoyable and whether the fish are biting or not, the experience is about having fun trying. Catching fish is an added bonus and when it happens, it's a celebration that can be recorded on the camera or brought home to the dinner table. Most experienced anglers have had bad days of catching, but very rarely does anyone have bad days of fishing. It's difficult to have a bad day of fishing when there's so much to see and do while you're out on the water.

Hello Florida Visitors and Fishing Enthusiast,
Orlando Fishing GuideTaking a day with me in the warm Florida sunshine to go fishing can be an extraordinary exclamation point to any vacation. Over the past 20 years I've taken experience anglers, husbands and wifes, parents and children and every imaginable combination of passengers on my boats and they all say the same thing. "What a great way to spend a day!"

As a father of two daughters and being raised in central Florida, I remember my dad taking me out for a day in the ocean looking for that dinner table fish to bring home. My kids are reliving the same experiences with their dad and have embraced the outdoors while living adjacent to the most popular theme parks and shopping in the world. There's nothing more exciting to me than to get my family or friends out in the boat relaxing and pulling on a few fish. The conversations are priceless and the good times are memories that will not be forgotten. Why go fishing? To refresh, renew and enjoy a day on the water by yourself or with a loved... and who knows? You might make a friend with a little mermaid too ;-)

Captain Richard Bradley
Lagooner Fishing Charter Captain

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Fishing Reports

February - 2018 Fishing Report

Every February seems to be different and this one is no different.

Fishing Forecast

February - 2018 Fishing Forecast

There's not a better way to spend a Valentines day with your sweetie than out in the boat catching the winter sun and a few nice fish. If the weather this February stays nice, look for some fun and rewarding fishing into the central Florida spring break period. Fish get hungry as spring approaches and the cold winter grip releases. I KNOW... I KNOW... IT's Florida! How can Florida get cold? Well, it can often drop into the 40° mark over night and be in the 70's during the day, so plan a late morning trip on the lagoon and you should be safe in Februay and into March.

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Inshore and Offshore Charter Fishing near Orlando and Cocoa Beach, Florida. Catch redfish, sea trout, tarpon, snook and many other saltwater gamefish aboard the world famous Lagooner flats fishing boat with renowned Captain Richard Bradley.

We had an outstanding experience with Lagooner! To start, Captain Gina made the booking quick and easy. All follow-up and communication was just like she promised. Once we were on the water, Captain Richard made the day fun for everyone and put us on fish at every stop. I would recommend Lagooner to anyone looking for a charter in Cocoa Beach.
about Lagooner Fishing Charters on January 14, 2015

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